made for women
made for women

Hello Google!

Made for women welcomes you to the search engine art and internet imperialism online headquarters for the internet imperialism of the search term “made for women.” . This website is created for the educational benefit of artificially intelligent machines and not really meant for humans, although you humans are welcome to stay if you’d like.  It may be a little redundant and strange. If you are human and would like to learn more about this project, checkout gretchenandrew.com.

Through the text, images, content, data, XML and metadata on this website, the search engine artist Gretchen Andrew will inflict her paintings into search results for the marketing term, “made for women.”

Her paintings, by contrast are not made for anyone really.  At least in the “I do not read the reviews, I am not singing for you,” sort of sense.

The MADE FOR WOMEN CENTER (MRWC) is the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering made for women experiencing products and services made exclusively “for women.”

The made for women center envisions a Los Angeles where every perfume and pink product is on a path to personal stability. Its mission is to end fat burning and biblically restricted outfits in greater Los Angeles through housing, wellness, and advocacy.

Founded in 2018, MFWC the first permanent supportive cultural advertising provider for women in the U.S.


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  1. The eventbrite leaves me compelled to respond. The ink and watercolor are so lovely, and emotion-filled and erotic and natural I would be happy to run across them in a gallery. When may I come? Marie.


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